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Does an Egg a Day Really Keep the Doctor Away? | Comfort Keepers of Victoria

Jul 15, 2018 by Larry Morgan

There are so many different dietary recommendations, super-food trends, and lifestyles that promise to be “the best” for you.

The ketogenic diet may help you lose weight, but what will eating all of that animal fat do to your heart? A vegan diet is nutritious, but what if you’re always hungry and not getting enough protein? Maybe this special root powder will help you de-wrinkle your skin, but there’s no scientific evidence to back it up. It’s a consumerism overload!

One food that’s still controversial in the health world is eggs. Are they as healthy for us as the government says they are? A team of researchers from China set out to answer this:

Mixed Data

Eggs are a great form of protein, vitamins, and let’s face it; they’re a delicious food staple not just in America, but also in China and other countries across the globe.

However, they are a huge source of cholesterol, leaving many older Americans to eat just the egg white or avoid them altogether.

Previous research has found no significant correlation between heart health and eggs, as the data has always seemed to follow no trend. How do we know if eggs are good for us or not?!

New Research Clears Things Up

Luckily, an answer may have been found through this latest research. These Chinese scientists analyzed data of an ongoing study of over half a million Chinese adults, ranging from ages 30 to 79, across 10 different regions of the country.

Of these 512,000 people, about 416,000 of them were focused on, as they were healthy from the start of the study (no prior cancer, diabetes or cardiovascular disease (CVD)).

The participants were initially asked about their egg consumption, and were followed up with about 9 years later, on average.

The researchers wanted to see how egg consumption affected disease diagnosis and death.

It was found that those who consumed eggs daily had an overall lower risk of CVD, stroke, and death from either of these, by as much as 26%.

Not Proven Fact, but Still Evidence

It’s worth noting that because this study was purely observational, there is no firm evidence to prove that eggs are the reason behind these lower risks, or if they are, how this food works in the body.

It’s quite noticeable though how Chinese egg-consumers are less likely to suffer form major cardiac events, though. These researchers suggest that a moderate consumption of 1 egg a day can help keep cholesterol levels balanced, while still giving you the benefits observed in this study.

How to Incorporate More Eggs Into Your Day

If you’re not a huge fan of eggs or don't eat them very frequently, here are some ways to add them into your diet:

  • Make portable egg cups for breakfast by baking scrambled egg and your favorite veggies in a mini muffin tin.
  • Make healthy devilled eggs as a side for dinner by mixing the yolks with Greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise. Also add in mustard, some relish or chopped pickles, and paprika!
  • Crack an egg into your noodle soup and scramble quickly with a fork to make a simple and easy egg-drop soup.
  • Whisk 2 eggs with 1 mashed banana and a handful of oats to make quick and guilt-free pancakes.

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